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Dozens of laws, statutes, and regulations apply to financial licenses in the state of Illinois, which means that there are a wide variety of grounds for consumers to lodge formal complaints against financial professionals like CPAs, appraisers, and consumer lenders.

If you’re a financial professional accused of misconduct or facing an investigation by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), mitigating disciplinary action and retaining your ability to practice should be your top priority – and you shouldn’t do it alone.

The attorneys at 1818 can represent you in every government interaction and help you protect your livelihood. Founding principal Jordan Matyas’s experience as an IDFPR Consumer Credit Section Supervisor informs our financial license defense strategies, and 1818’s unique combination of knowledge and expertise is ideal for clients facing regulatory obstacles.

Don’t face financial license defense challenges alone. Partner with 1818 to safeguard your future.

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Consumer Lenders

Consumer Lenders

Mortgage Brokers & Bankers

Mortgage Brokers & Bankers

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Business License Defense Practice Areas Explained


Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in the state of Illinois must comply with a number of statutes and administrative regulations, most of which are included in the Illinois Public Accounting Act. Numerous types of misconduct can lead to disciplinary action, which can include losing your CPA license.

Protecting your ability to work as a CPA is essential to recovering from personal challenges or government investigations, and the best way to do that is with 1818. Instead of responding directly to any legal request or government communications, let 1818 work to resolve these issues as your representative.

Protect Your CPA License


Navigating legal or administrative challenges to your appraisal license can be a complex and difficult process. Worse, disciplinary action that suspends or revokes your license can negatively impact your career — or force you to find a new one.

1818 can help with legal issues related to your Illinois appraisal license or Appraisal Management Company (AMC) license. Even if you have failed to meet IDFPR licensing requirements or violated regulations, there are options available that the attorneys at 1818 can identify and pursue on your behalf.

Protect Your Appraisal License

Consumer Lenders

Illinois has specific regulations and guidelines that all consumer lenders must comply with to maintain their licenses. Mistakes, oversights, allegations of wrongdoing, and other violations can result in serious consequences, including enforcement action against you or your business and the revocation of your lender license.

If you’re facing allegations or an IDFPR investigation, it’s essential to protect yourself and your lending license by contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

The 1818 team can help you respond to and navigate any professional license challenges you’re facing. Partner with us for proven advice and assistance throughout the process so we can defend your license effectively together.

Protect Your Consumer Lender License

Mortgage Brokers & Bankers

Banking and residential mortgage licenses are strictly scrutinized in Illinois, and licensees should be deliberate in all IDFPR interactions. Licensees that work with the Illinois Anti-Predatory Lending Database (APLD) should also be extremely attentive to government regulations.

Bankers and mortgage brokers in Illinois may fear that hiring an IDFPR attorney to help them through an investigation may create an appearance of guilt, but nothing could be further from the truth. An experienced attorney, like 1818 principal Jordan Matyas, will help you with the investigation process right from the start.

Protect your livelihood with a winning legal strategy and navigate the challenges of your banking or mortgage broker license defense with 1818.

Protect Your Mortgage & Banking License

Other Financial Licenses

If you’ve been accused of breaking the law or misconduct in Illinois, your financial license could be in jeopardy and everything you’ve worked for could be on the line.

Failure to respond to a complaint or investigation will result in adverse action against your license, and representing yourself can lead to common mistakes that negatively impact your case.

If you’re facing accusations of misconduct or financial regulation violations by IDFPR, 1818 is here to help. Contact our attorneys immediately—before you respond to the investigating agency—to defend yourself and your license effectively.

Protect Your Financial License

Illinois Financial License Defense FAQ

When can a Certified Public Accountant lose their license or face professional discipline in Illinois?

The Illinois Public Accounting Act contains numerous types of conduct that can warrant disciplinary action. Examples of issues regulated by the Act and the corresponding administrative laws include:

  • Revocation or suspension of the right to practice by or before any state or federal regulatory authority or by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.
  • Performance of any fraudulent act while holding a license or privilege issued under this Act or prior law.
  • Making or filing a report or record that the registrant or licensee knows to be false, willfully failing to file a report or record required by state or federal law, willfully impeding or obstructing the filing or inducing another person to impede or obstruct only those that are signed in the capacity of a licensed CPA or a registered CPA.
  • Physical illness, including, but not limited to, deterioration through the aging process or loss of motor skill that results in the licensee or registrant’s inability to practice under this Act with reasonable judgment, skill, or safety.

Appraiser licensing issues with the IDFPR are often, but not always, related to three common issues:

  1. Failure to Renew Appraisal or AMC Licenses

An individual may fail to renew their license on time. This happens if they don’t receive a notice or forget to submit the necessary paperwork. Additionally, someone could make mistakes when completing their application which can lead to delays or even denial of the license.

  1. Failure to Meet Educational Requirements

In some cases, individuals might neglect to complete all required courses or not keep up-to-date records of what they have completed. Not meeting these standards can result in disciplinary action from the IDFPR, including suspension or revocation of a license.

  1. Allegations of Misconduct

Finally, problems may arise after certain complaints are made against an appraiser’s professional conduct. If an IDFPR investigation reveals any wrongdoing, then this too can lead to sanctions being placed on them by the IDFPR. In such cases, having an experienced attorney assist you with defending your appraisal license is essential for ensuring its protection. 


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