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From small variances to major developments, 1818 can develop your strategic solution

Effective Solutions for Unique Illinois Land Use & Zoning Challenges

Working with local government to get the most out of your property or dealing with building code violations can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive.

Changing your property’s zoning designation, getting a special use permit, making small modifications to your family’s home, navigating building violations, slowing potentially harmful development — these are opportunities to find solutions by turning the government from an adversary into a partner.

1818 approaches land use and zoning problems not just as attorneys, but with government relations, media expertise, and community engagement tools that can be used when appropriate.

Whatever the size and scope, 1818 can provide effective counsel and support for your zoning, building, or land use challenge. Partner with 1818 for effective solutions that lead to real results.

Practice Areas

Land Use & Zoning Practice Areas

Building Violations & Zoning Variations

Building Violations & Zoning Variations

Administrative Adjustments

Administrative Adjustments

Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits

Planned Developments

Planned Developments

Zoning Map Changes

Zoning Map Changes

Zoning Appeals

Zoning Appeals

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