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Overcome Legal, Accounting, and Other Professional Malpractice Challenges

Lawyers and other licensed professionals are entrusted and expected to have a certain level of competency and skill.

For lawyers, professional negligence occurs when a lawyer fails to provide competent service and the client is damaged as a result of that incompetence.

We take on the most challenging legal cases and professional negligence claims. Our approach to litigation involves working with the client to consider all angles of the problem.

We examine every detail of the conflict and then identify the tools we can use before setting a course for success in the courtroom.

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Common Legal Malpractice Activities

  • Failure to know the law
  • Settlement without a client’s knowledge, authority, or consent
  • Failure to follow court orders or file appropriate documentation
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Missed statutes of limitations
  • Negligence during trial
  • Incomplete investigation

Common Architects and Engineers Malpractice Activities

  • Failing to comply with building codes, zoning laws, or permits
  • Errors in engineering and/or architectural blueprints or plans
  • Assigning personnel to a project that does not have the proper qualifications
  • Failing to complete a project by the contracted deadline
  • Having insufficient supervision of contractors on-site
  • Providing incorrect advice or false information to a client

Common Certified Public Accountants Malpractice Activities

  • Negligent errors or omissions in their recording and reporting of information
  • Incorrect or inadequate tax advice
  • Failure to adhere to professional standards or GAAP, or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Preparing inaccurate tax returns
  • Improper auditing or compilation of financial statements
  • Failing to discover employee embezzlement

Common Real Estate Brokers Malpractice Activities

  • Providing false information
  • Failing to disclose a property’s known defects
  • Conflicts of Interests
  • Negligent misrepresentations about building regulations or zoning laws
  • Fraud (i.e., working with straw buyers to drive up a property’s price)
  • Failing to uphold fiduciary responsibilities

Common Title Insurance Malpractice Activities

  • Theft of closing funds
  • Negligence or misrepresentation of existing liens
  • Mortgage and lien priority and validity
  • Boundaries, access, and encroachments

Common Mortgage Brokers Malpractice Activities

  • Disputes in reverse mortgages
  • Disputes over owner financing agreements
  • Fraud and negligent misrepresentation claims

Common Cemetery Owners Malpractice Activities

  • Misidentification of the body
  • Bodies being mishandled, mutilated, disfigured or distorted
  • Theft
  • Improper grave care
  • Grave disturbance
  • Accidental Cremation
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