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We achieve practical, effective solutions through our unique combination of legal expertise, intimate government knowledge, and targeted communication.

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When you’re in crisis or trying to start or operate a business, you need an advocate who can represent you in every government interaction and get results.

Even if a problem seems small on the surface, it’s a huge deal for you, and the lawyer you work with should treat it as such.

1818 is Illinois’ preferred partner to find fixes for legal and government challenges. Founding principal Jordan Matyas launched 1818 to put his decades of local, state, and federal government experience to work for the businesses, professionals, and individuals of Illinois.

Since 2014, Jordan and his team have provided legal solutions for regulatory and administrative challenges at the state and local levels.

1818’s services extend beyond the legal realm and include crisis management, media and public relations, strategic communication, and lobbying government state and local elected officials and agencies for procurement and policy changes.

Why 1818?

What’s in a Name?

The firm’s name comes from August 26, 1818, when the State of Illinois was admitted to the Union.

Illinois is one of America’s most diverse, innovative and exciting states. Today, Illinois has nearly 7,000 government bodies, and 1818 works with clients to navigate state and local government agencies.

IDFPR License Defense - Jordan Matyas

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