Jordan Matyas

Jordan Matyas

Founder & President

Litigator, malpractice attorney, professional license defense, administrative law challenges, lobbying and more.

The Attorney You Call When the Government’s Involved

Attorney Jordan Matyas (pronounced “matches”) founded 1818 to provide legal counsel and government relations services to individuals and businesses. His keen insights into business operations also benefit clients who need assistance with both routine and complex matters.

Many clients retain Jordan because of his expertise in financial and professional license defense, which is informed by his prior roles at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

While some IDFPR matters are relatively routine, others have the potential to significantly impact a client’s life and livelihood.

Whether a client requires help resolving a dispute or developing a solution to a particular business or legal issue, Jordan is dedicated to finding the best possible resolution while being mindful of the client’s overall goals and interests.

Jordan is also a registered State and City lobbyist and helps clients with government relations goals, legislative and policy concerns, and other public affairs opportunities. He works with clients who have existing government contracts and want to learn about the government procurement process.

As a lobbyist and lawyer, Jordan is uniquely qualified to help clients facing administrative law challenges. He assists clients with regulatory issues, enforcement actions, investigations, and other administrative law concerns at the state and local level.

The firm name, 1818, pays homage to the state where Jordan was born, grew up, and has lived most of his life. 1818 is significant as the year that the great State of Illinois was admitted to the Union.


  • The John Marshall Law School; Juris Doctor, 2004
  • The George Washington University; Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, 2001

Board Memberships

  • Illinois English Bulldog Rescue; Founder & Co-Director
  • Old Town Triangle Association; Board Member

Bar Admission & Professional Registrations

  • Illinois Supreme Court
  • Registered State & City lobbyist
IDFPR License Defense - Jordan Matyas

Jordan Matyas

In the News

Agency Sues American Airlines Over Tax Break, Columbia Tribune

“We’re saying whatever work is being done there is a sham,” Jordan Matyas, the RTA’s chief of staff, said ahead of the lawsuit being filed.

“The main goal isn’t to try to shut down Napster, but to ensure that the people that use this technology use it properly,” said Jordan Matyas, a spokesman for the PPI.

Jordan Matyas, supervisor of consumer credit for the division.

“Licensed craft growers are having trouble getting financing at the current 5,000 square foot canopy limit,” said cannabis lobbyist Jordan Matyas, who is advocating for the Illinois Independent Craft Growers Association.

RTA chief of staff Jordan Matyas said that no other major transit agency allows guns aboard its trains or buses.

Illinois state director for HSUS Jordan Matyas was also happy to hear the measure had passed. “The Illinois legislature has spoken clearly that in those unfortunate situations where an animal must be euthanized, they deserve that it be done humanely.”

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) announced today the hiring of Jordan Matyas as the agency’s Deputy Executive Director.

“This is a tax-dodging scheme. It’s not like the law allows this,” said Jordan Matyas, chief of staff at the RTA.

Illinois considers ban on owning monkeys – “People don’t know how to take care of primates,” said Jordan Matyas, Illinois director of the Humane Society.

Jordan Matyas, one of the leading proponents of animal welfare in the state, will help Quincy Humane Society celebrate its 130th year,

Former IDFPR employee Jordan Matyas is lobbying for V3 Holdings Illinois LLC, the registered manager of one of the firms represented by ACFB Incorporated, state records show. Matyas, House Speaker Michael Madigan’s son-in-law and former assistant legal counsel, worked as a supervisor in the agency’s consumer credit section between 2005 and 2007, long before the medical cannabis program launched.

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