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The firm’s name comes from the date August 26, 1818, which is when the State of Illinois was admitted to the Union. For almost 200 years Illinois has remained one of the most diverse, innovative and exciting states. Today, Illinois has 6,953 government bodies and 1818 works with clients to navigate the state and local governments.

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Are you a business owner? Trying to get your building up to code? A professional who needs help navigating the legalities of your industry?

1818 is here for you. 1818 has been providing regulatory legal advice to Illinois corporations and individuals for years and we look forward to helping you.

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Jordan Matyas

Jordan has spent over 20 years working with and around government at almost every level including the White House, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations, the Illinois Legislature and the City of Chicago Law Department and Chicago’s Regional Transportation Authority, among others. Jordan launched 1818 to put his government experience to work for the businesses and individuals of Illinois.

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Complying with government regulations can be hard, confusing and certainly frustrating. That’s why at 1818, we counsel individuals and corporations on the complex web of laws governing their businesses and professional licenses. Whether it’s professional licensing, building code, liquor law, or other government regulatory issues–we’re here to help you stay in business and protect your livelihood.


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