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What You Will Find in Our IDFPR Defense & Advocacy Legal Resources

License protection isn’t something most professionals choose to think about. But when government investigations or litigation are underway, it’s essential to understand your rights and the process you’re facing.

This is more important than ever in the Prairie State, where the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation enforces legal standards for more than 100 professions and business types.

For these reasons, the 1818 team is dedicated to providing useful IDFPR defense and advocacy legal resources for individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout Illinois.

1818 principal Jordan Matyas works closely with the IDFPR and other city, county, and state agencies on our clients’ behalf, which means our firm is acutely aware of the changes to regulations that are coming soon or under consideration. As a former IDFPR supervisor, Jordan is uniquely capable of analyzing the indicators from Illinois agencies that will impact clients who need professional license defense, administrative law assistance, counsel for litigation, and other related challenges.

Further, as a registered State and City lobbyist, Jordan is also qualified to share insights on government relations goals, legislative and policy concerns, and other public affairs opportunities, including how to navigate government contracts and the procurement process.

Additional information includes regular updates on IDFPR enforcement actions and what you can learn from them, guides to obtaining and maintaining professional licenses, how discrimination leads to litigation, and other important topics for Illinois residents and professionals.

Above, you’ll find relevant information that is focused on issues that matter to local stakeholders, including IDFPR defense and advocacy legal resources, zoning updates, and other aspects of civil law.

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