Will it Pass? New Laws Proposed in Illinois: Part 1

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In 2019, there were thousands of bills filed; however, only 599 were passed by the general assembly.

For the next few weeks, 1818 will identify a few filed and not yet enacted bills that interest us, and hopefully interest you.  As you review these proposals, it is important to understand that most will not become law, and the few that do become law will likely be amended before being sent to the governor.

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Creates the Phase Out Corporate Giveaways Interstate Compact

Each member state agrees not to offer or provide any company-specific tax incentive or company-specific grant to any entity for a corporate headquarters, manufacturing facility, office space, or other real estate development located in any other member state as an inducement for the corporate headquarters, manufacturing facility, office space, or other real estate development to relocate to the offering member state.

1818 Note – This is a national effort for states to stop enticing large corporations and instead focus on small businesses.

Self-exclusion list regarding marijuana

Requires the Department of Public Health to establish a list of self-excluded persons who have personally requested to be placed on the list. Those on the list will be prohibited from entering a dispensary or purchasing any product or service at a dispensary, and the dispensaries are similarly prohibited from allowing them entry.

1818 Note – This appears to be an effort to support users in recovery who make a choice to stop using marijuana.

The Data Transparency and Privacy Act

A new data privacy act that provides that any business that processes personal information or de-identified information must, prior to processing, provide notice to the consumer. Establishes a “right to know” for consumers and prescribes types of information that they may request of businesses.

1818 Note – Data privacy is and will continue to be a hot topic at all levels of government. This bill appears to follow in the footsteps of California’s new stringent data privacy law.

The Candy Packaged to Resemble Cigarettes Prohibition Act

This law would prohibit the selling or distribution for retail sale in Illinois, candy packaged to resemble cigarettes. A violation of the prohibition is a petty offense for which a fine of up to $500 for each offense may be imposed.

1818 Note – This does not apply to Cigars, so those wishing to celebrate the birth of a child can still celebrate with a chocolate cigar.

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Jordan received his Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois — Chicago School of Law and is a member of the Illinois Bar Association.