Can a nurse administer Botox in Illinois?

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Aesthetic Practice: Can RNs Administer Botox in Illinois?

RNs may administer Botox in Illinois as long as certain regulatory requirements are met. Botox and other neuromodulators and fillers are considered the practice of medicine under Illinois law.  Any use of botox must be provided in accordance with Board of Medicine and Board of Nursing requirements. Because these are considered medical treatments, they require an initial good-faith medical exam by either an MD or an APRN with full practice authority. After this exam, the APRN or physician generates the treatment plan and orders, and the treatment plan may then be delegated to another qualified provider such as RN, LPN, or other personnel to provide the injections.

As long as the treatments fall within the scope of practice of the RN, LPN or other personnel, and that individual is duly trained and competent in the procedure, that individual may provide the delegated treatment under the appropriate supervision of the ordering MD or APRN.

Regardless of who is doing the injecting, the aesthetic practice itself must be owned by a professional with an MD/DO license or by an APRN with a full practice authority license. Non-APRN/MDs may provide all administrative and operational services for a med spa under a management services organization agreement with the MD or APRN medical director which meets regulatory requirements.

Safety requirements must still be met, including patient confidentiality and bloodborne pathogen safety and exposure control protocols.

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