Amy Young

Amy Young


Amy Young is a top-rated and award-winning Chicago professional licensing attorney

Professional Licensing Attorney

Amy Young has extensive experience in health policy, corporate governance, and professional licensing issues for Illinois health care providers and loves to help individual providers structure and grow their health care business in compliance with licensing and regulatory requirements. She graduated magna cum laude from DePaul University College of Law in 2004. During law school and until 2008, Amy Hader worked for Chicago law firm Vedder Price with a focus on corporate law, health policy, and non-profit organizations. Clients included major health care provider institutions and health systems, health care lenders, physician organizations, medical equipment manufacturers, national professional trade associations, and national educational and charitable organizations.

In addition to serving Of Counsel to 1818 on professional licensing issues, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance and contracting matters, Amy Young serves as General Counsel and Director of Government Affairs for AORN, the Denver-based professional association for perioperative registered nurses whose mission is to advance patient safety in operating rooms nationwide.

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