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License protection isn’t something most Illinois medical professionals ever think they’ll need. But when allegations, mistakes, or misunderstandings threaten your ability to work as a medical or wellness professional, you need an attorney who understands IDFPR and what it will take to resolve these issues.

If you’re facing an IDFPR investigation or disciplinary action, 1818’s professional healthcare license defense attorneys can help you navigate the process and achieve the best possible outcome.

The 1818 team has a lengthy track record of successful healthcare license defense based in part on our founder’s years of experience as an IDFPR supervisor and more than ten years of representing clients in IDFPR cases.

It may seem daunting to discuss your situation with an attorney, but 1818 will help you through every step of the process. In some cases, an investigation can be closed or dismissed without any action taken against you.

Protect your reputation and secure your professional future with 1818.

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Medical License Defense Practice Areas Explained


Nurses in Illinois are subject to extensive regulation under the Illinois Nurse Practice Act and administrative regulations related to educational and licensing requirements, standards of care, and scope of practice. Failure to comply can lead to disciplinary action or even the loss of your license.

If you are being investigated or have been contacted by the IDFPR, your best course of action is to contact the nursing license defense attorneys at 1818 before you reply. Partnering with an attorney at the outset of the process can help to protect your rights and reduce the likelihood of disciplinary action.

Protect Your Nursing License:

Physicians & Surgeons

Doctors, physicians, and surgeons in Illinois are subject to the Illinois Medical Practice Act and related regulations that the government uses to ensure the safety and well-being of patients.

Violations regulated by the Illinois Medical Practice Act and corresponding administrative rules include gross negligence in practice; habitual or excessive use or abuse of alcohol or drugs; fraud or misrepresentation in licensing; exploiting patients for financial gain; immoral conduct related to the physician’s practice, and more.

IDFPR investigations can also be triggered by complaints from other doctors, patients, employers, insurance companies, or any other third party who believes you’ve acted outside those guidelines.

Protect Your Medical License

Social Workers

Social workers in Illinois must obtain a social work license and comply with the Illinois Clinical Social Work and Social Work Practice Act to provide services in the state. Compliance is taken very seriously as social workers assist people in need, children, and other vulnerable populations.

IDFPR officials can take disciplinary measures for noncompliance or other types of misconduct, such as unprofessional or unethical conduct, improper or inaccurate records, negligent practice, substance abuse, criminal convictions and more.

Officials in these cases can seek to temporarily suspend or permanently revoke your social work license, and IDFPR prosecutors often seek to impose overly harsh disciplinary measures on social workers.

1818’s experienced professional license defense attorneys can review your case and negotiate on your behalf for the best possible outcome. Our team will provide credible explanations and present evidence that mitigates the accusations against you in an effort to preserve your social work license.

Protect Your Social Work License


If you are an Illinois psychologist who is having issues with IDFPR, you know that having the State investigate you is a nerve-wracking experience to face on your own. After all, your future, your reputation, and your livelihood are on the line.

Psychotherapist licensure laws are complex and ever-changing, and you’ll need a qualified and experienced lawyer who specializes in defending the specific issues you’re facing for the best chance of success.

The right defense attorney can be your best asset when it comes to protecting your practice, especially when it comes to negotiating with state regulators. 1818’s team knows these laws intimately and how they apply to your specific situation, so you’ll be able to consider all of your legal options and take action based on informed guidance.

Protect Your Psychology License


Dental licensing issues with IDFPR can be stressful, emotional, and downright frightening.

An experienced dental license defense lawyer should understand both state law and federal regulations to anticipate any potential issues that could lead to serious consequences for your license.

1818 provides the knowledge and experience you’ll need to navigate the complexities of an IDFPR investigation or alleged violation successfully. We’ll review the facts of your case and develop a strategy that is customized to help you preserve your livelihood and professional reputation.

Protect Your Dental License

Other Healthcare Licenses

Are you a healthcare professional in Illinois facing an investigation or disciplinary action by IDFPR and need help defending your medical license?

Even though IDFPR licensees can be disciplined for any number of reasons, our team has more than likely seen a case like yours. No matter what you’re up against, 1818’s attorneys will ensure you are properly represented and work with you to protect your license and your business.

Protect Your Healthcare License

Illinois Health Care License Defense FAQ

What happens when my license application is denied in Illinois?

If you have applied for an Illinois medical license and are denied by the IDFPR, they will send you a Notice of Intent to Deny. You will have a short time to contest the denial. If you decide to contest, an informal conference or evidentiary hearing will be held to get your license back on track.

Your attorney can help you throughout the process and ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

When facing disciplinary action against your professional license, it’s in your best interest to hire an IDFPR lawyer with experience defending medical licenses. An attorney can thoroughly review your case, walk you through your options, and prepare a defense strategy to protect you.

If you’re being investigated by IDFPR, get legal representation immediately. Licensed medical and healthcare professionals have the right to hire an attorney at any point during communication with IDFPR.

At 1818, our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board and other state board processes. We know what factors will determine whether or not the case will be prosecuted and can help you avoid common mistakes, build a winning defense strategy and, most importantly, help you keep your healthcare license.


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