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1818 is Illinois’ preferred partner for professional business license defense against the IDFPR. Our unique blend of government experience, legal acumen, business litigation, and communication skills lead to practical and effective solutions that can mitigate the trouble you’re facing.

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Practice Areas

Business License Defense Practice Areas

Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors

Roofing Professionals

Roofing Professionals



Real Estate

Real Estate

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Business License Defense Practice Areas Explained

Home Inspectors

Home inspectors must meet specific IDFPR requirements to practice in Illinois, and failing to comply with Illinois’ Home Inspector License Act and the rules within can lead to investigations, disciplinary action, and the loss of your professional license.

1818 specializes in helping Illinois home inspectors minimize disciplinary action and defend their licenses.

As a full-service law firm, 1818 will handle everything from initial investigations to administrative hearings and appeals on your behalf. Our attorneys will leverage years of IDFPR and government experience to provide the help you need.

Protect Your Home Inspection License

Roofing Professionals

The Illinois Attorney General’s office receives thousands of complaints every year from homeowners involved in disputes with home repair contractors, including roofing professionals. These disputes can lead to IDFPR investigations and other government interventions that threaten your professional license and ability to perform contractor work in Illinois.

Roofing professionals facing disputes, investigations, or other challenges need an experienced license defense attorney who can negotiate effectively and protect your ability to make a living.

The 1818 team has years of successful experience in professional license defense that includes an intimate knowledge of IDFPR and how licensing regulations apply to contractors. Before you speak to a government investigator or agency, call 1818 to protect your rights.

Protect Your Roofing License


Architects and professional design organizations that practice in Illinois must meet rigorous standards and adhere to strict guidelines to maintain their licenses. If those criteria are not met, you could risk losing your license or facing disciplinary action — especially if you don’t have legal representation.

The 1818 team can help you navigate IDFPR’s complex regulatory framework and protect your license and career with a personalized strategy. Don’t wait until it’s too late — safeguard your future as an architect or designer by contacting 1818 before you respond to any government inquiry.

Protect Your Professional Design License

Real Estate

IDFPR regulates dozens of real estate roles, from brokers and leasing agents to appraisers, land sales developers, timeshare managers, and education providers. All of these roles are subject to agency oversight and disciplinary action for lack of compliance.

Instead of taking on IDFPR alone, contact the experienced attorneys at 1818 for your professional real estate license defense. Our team has successfully represented real estate professionals in IDFPR cases for years, and in some cases, an investigation or review can be cleared up without impacting your ability to work.

Protect Your Real Estate License

Other Business Licenses

Business licenses in the state of Illinois are subject to dozens of laws, statutes, and regulations. If you’re an Illinois business owner at risk of losing your professional license or livelihood, you should have an experienced IDFPR attorney by your side to minimize disciplinary actions and prevent the situation from getting any worse.

1818 is the team you need for any and all business license defense in Illinois. Led by founding principal and former IDFPR section supervisor Jordan Matyas, 1818 is dedicated to helping licensed professionals like you get the help you need and protect your rights.

Protect Your Business License

Illinois Business License Defense FAQ

What are my legal options after receiving a complaint notice in Illinois?

After receiving a complaint or letter of investigation, you can attempt to respond to the allegations independently or you can contact a professional license defense attorney to defend you and your license.

Absolutely. Do not seek help from the investigator or any other IDFPR personnel. The most important thing to remember is that the IDFPR’s top priority is to protect the public. They have no interest in assisting you in defending your license. We do.

Call 1818 now. We recommend getting legal representation from an experienced and dedicated business license defense attorney as soon as possible.

Failure to respond to a complaint will result in adverse action against your business license. Ignoring the complaint ensures that your license will be suspended or revoked. Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. Instead, contact a business license defense attorney immediately.

If you have applied for an Illinois business license and are denied by the IDFPR, they will send you a Notice of Intent to Deny. You will have a short time to contest the denial. If you decide to contest, an informal conference or evidentiary hearing will be held to get your license back on track.

Your attorney can help you throughout the process and ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.


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