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City and state agencies that enforce regulations can be intimidating if you’ve never encountered them before. That is where a civil attorney or administrative law attorney come in to help.

If you’re trying to start a business, the piles of forms and requests for documents to get a license can leave you wondering where to begin. And if you’ve received an investigation notice from a government organization, you’re probably wondering what to do next.

Government oversight and investigations don’t have to derail your livelihood or plans for the future.

1818’s civil attorneys can provide practical solutions for your pressing challenges based on substantial legal and government agency experience at the city, county, and state levels.

From investigations and hearings to startups and businesses that want to work with the government and bid on procurement, partner with a 1818 civil attorney or administrative law attorney to protect and grow your business.

Practice Areas

Civil Attorney & Administrative Law Practice Areas

Government Investigations

Government Investigations

Government Procurement

Government Procurement

Administration Hearings

Administration Hearings

Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing



Chicago Commission on Human Relations

Chicago Commission on Human Relations



Land Use & Zoning

Land Use & Zoning

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Administrative Law Practice Areas Explained

Government Investigations

Local, state, and federal officials have stepped up investigations and regulatory enforcement in healthcare, tax, securities, finance, antitrust and foreign investment, and contracting — to name just a few areas.

1818 helps clients respond with strategies to minimize or avoid penalties, negative publicity, and disruptions to business operations.

We have successfully represented clients before numerous Illinois, Chicago, and other state and local agencies, including the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), and our IDFPR and civil attorneys are ready to assist with whatever government investigation you may be facing.

Protect Yourself From Government Investigations

Government Procurement

Doing business with the government requires compliance with a complex set of rules, procedures, and protocols. Companies that choose to pursue government contracts typically need a government procurement lawyer who can assist with all stages of the process.

If your company is working with the State of Illinois or any of the nearly-6,000 units of Illinois local government, 1818 is the legal partner you need to maximize the success of your engagement.

1818’s administrative law civil attorney or administrative law attorney services related to government procurement include drafting and negotiating bids and contracts to disputes, regulatory compliance, joint venture or teaming agreements, contract negotiation, claims, and much more. 

Get Legal Support for Government Procurement

Administration Hearings

Chicago’s Administration Hearings Department is responsible for conducting administrative hearings and resolving ordinance violations, and similar agencies exist in Illinois suburbs.

The consequences of administrative hearings for residents and business owners can include monetary penalties or even threats to your property or company operations.

The support and representation of an experienced administrative law and civil attorney can be critical in these situations, and working with 1818’s team could make all the difference in your case. Our team’s deep understanding of Illinois codes and regulations allows us to skillfully represent you during the hearing and ensure your side of the story is presented effectively.

Don’t let administrative violations jeopardize your business or property — partner with 1818 to safeguard your future.

Protect Your Rights in Administration Hearings

Liquor Licensing | Applications, Investigations & Compliance

Getting a liquor license in Illinois is difficult, especially in a city like Chicago. For example, there isn’t just one type of liquor license in Chicago — there are nine.

Of course, once you have a liquor license, failing to comply with local regulations can lead to government investigations, penalties, the loss of your professional license or even criminal charges.

When challenges threaten your liquor license, partner with 1818’s team of experienced administrative law and civil attorneys to protect yourself, your business, and your future success.

Protect Your Liquor License


Newly licensed and existing cannabis businesses in Illinois need a government relations plan to manage both government and community scrutiny. This plan should include everything from keeping up with changing regulations to protecting against licensing issues and complaints from neighbors or consumers.

1818 creates custom strategies for companies in the cannabis industry and provides ongoing consultation and assistance as needed. These plans can include action steps for working with community groups, developing professional relationships with government officials, and contingencies for government investigations or community complaints.

Partner with 1818 now to protect your cannabis business as you grow.

Protect Your Cannabis License

Chicago Commission on Human Relations

The Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR) uses administrative law and procedure to enforce laws prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, credit, and bonding.

If you or your business are being investigated by the CCHR, a knowledgeable HR and civil attorney with government expertise is your best option. 1818’s team has that expertise, as well as additional services that include crisis communication and media relations to protect your reputation — and your livelihood. Partner with 1818 now to safeguard your future.

Protect Yourself Rights During CCHR Investigations

Cryptocurrency & SIM Swaps

Professional hackers are adept at accomplishing SIM swaps through the major phone carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T), and then using your stolen credentials to steal your cryptocurrency. If you have lost cryptocurrency from a major exchange like Coinbase after a SIM swap, we can recover your assets.

If you are pursuing lost assets, compensation, or accountability for the responsible parties, 1818 has the experience and resources to help you seek justice and regain full control of your finances.

The cryptocurrency and civil attorneys at 1818 understand the nuances of the cryptocurrency market and can assess the legality of transactions, investigate fraudulent activities, and pursue legal remedies on your behalf.

Protect Your Cryptocurrency Investments

Administrative Law FAQ

What is the Administrative Hearing Process in Chicago?

Administrative hearings follow a five-step process that begins when the city issues a Notice.

  1. Receiving the Notice of Violation: The city issues a Notice outlining the alleged violation.
  2. Preparing for the Hearing: Review the Notice, gather evidence and understand your options.
  3. Hearing Day: The hearing officer presides, the city presents evidence, and the respondent can defend.
  4. After the Hearing: A decision made based on the available evidence. A default Judgment can be entered if the respondent doesn’t attend.
  5. Appealing the Decision: Either party can appeal to the Circuit Court of Cook County within 35 days.

Chicago’s Administrative Hearings Department conducts various administrative hearings to address ordinance violations. Understanding the five hearing categories is essential for individuals and businesses facing alleged violations.

  1. Building Code Violations: When buildings fail to meet safety, structural, plumbing, or electrical standards, they become subject to building code violations. In such cases, a competent building violations lawyer can be instrumental in navigating the complex codes, gathering evidence, and negotiating with authorities to reach a satisfactory resolution.
  2. Zoning Code Violations: Illegal construction, conversions without proper permits, and violations concerning billboards or signage fall under the purview of zoning code violations. Having an experienced zoning lawyer on your side can ensure compliance, challenge alleged violations, and provide strong representation during the hearing.
  3. Business License Violations: Businesses that do not meet licensing requirements or engage in unlawful practices may face administrative hearings for business license violations. Engaging a professional licensed defense attorney can rectify license issues, defend against accusations, and offer guidance to ensure compliance.
  4. Health Code Violations: Administrative hearings address health and sanitation regulations violations by businesses or property owners. Partnering with an adept health violations lawyer can advocate for compliance, address deficiencies, and effectively mitigate penalties.

Environmental Violations: Environmental infractions, such as illegal dumping, pollution, or failure to comply with recycling regulations fall under the umbrella of environmental violations. An environmental lawyer can champion environmentally-responsible practices and offer robust defenses against alleged violations.


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