Building and Land Use

Building and Land Use

Are you having issues with the City of Chicago or another unit of local government regarding building code violations? Dealing with Building Code Violations can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive, call 1818 to advocate for you.

Common Chicago Building Violations

  • Performing work without a permit
  • Improper electrical work
  • Asbestos and lead issues
  • Failing to install and maintain smoke detectors
  • Improper support of a porch
  • Failing to provide adequate heating to tenants
  • Failing to maintain a building in safe condition
  • Failing to register and secure vacant building within 30 days of it becoming vacant

Land Use

Do you need help with zoning, subdivisions, landmarked buildings or any other restriction on your Illinois property? 1818 can assist you.

For more information about how we can represent and advocate for you regarding your building and land use matters, contact 1818 today.

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Practice Areas

1818 provides counsel and government relations advice to both corporations and individuals. The firm provides practical legal advice on government procurement, professional licensing, building code and zoning matters, liquor law and other government regulatory issues.


Administrative Law

1818 has substantial experience with city, county and state agencies, and uses legal and government relations strategies to effectively represent clients.


Lobbying Services

The firm lobbies at the state and local level on issues regarding procurement, legislation and administrative rules.

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